Click on photos for a closer look.
This is me in front of CNN center, headquarters of "the worlds news leader". Also other Turnner network related stuff, like home to CNN interactive.
This is just another picture. Notice the Marta bus... Tip: The CNN studio tour sucks. take it only if you have 40 minutes and $7 to waste.
This is beautiful downtown Atlanta.
This is Centennial Olympic Park, it's a nice park.
The next three pictures are an attempted panorama..
Fountain, bike, etc. etc....
Some memorial plaque...
Hard Rock Cafe in downtown Atlanta. I recommend the pig sandwidge..
Plant Hollywood, Didn't eat there...
Picture of me with a train "notice chris's finger". 
Much better...
Me posing with confederate generals 
We just had to get a closer look.
View of Atlanta from the top of Stone Mountain.
Chris and Eric.
Chris and Me.
Eric and Me.
Me and Chris.
Eric and Chris.
Coke Museum a.k.a. World of Coke
Me with Coke Museum, watching Chris's back, the Underground is behind him, didn't care for it but there was a Hooters. Not as bad as MLK memorial station, Tip: Don't get off Marta there.
Capital Building, Behind Coke Museum