Camping in the Red River Gorge Geological Area.
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Selected photos taken by John.
This is a shot of Kirby and John on top of Rock Bridge.
A view skyward from Swift Creek camp trail.
View of our camp along Swift Creek.
On the way to "A Dangerous Place".
John out on a ledge near Chimney Top.
A view down from behind Chimney Top.
View from the Chimney Top overlook.
John hanging out of Angel Windows.
View from the back, Kirby is there some where lurking in the shadows.
The valley we camped in the night before, this view is from the Sky Bridge over look.
Just a shot along Swift Creek Trail.
Bear Flat Narrows, I think not really sure.
Somewhere near Bear Flat Still.
Somewhere along swift creek trail.
John and Eric at an overlook along the road to Sky Bridge.
On top of the large rocks near the old spill damn along swift creek trail.
A small waterfall on your way to Rock Bridge.
Eric and Kirby, by the camp fire.
Selected photos taken by Eric.
Kirby and John being stupid.
Eric out on a ledge on Chimney Top.
John and Kirby wading around in Swift Creek.
Shot of the fire ring i guess...
John and Kirby on raccoon patrol.
From the top of a large rock, by the old spill damn (Note: The damn is no longer there).
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