Camping in the Red River Gorge Geological Area.
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Tony and John at the Pinch Em' Tight trail head just off tunnel ridge road. 
Kirby at a scenic overlook along Pinch Em' Tight.
Kirby and John breaking camp before dark.
John is awake,  the sun must be rising.
Well good morning princess.
Grays Arch is out there some where.
John and Tony at Devil Canyons overlook.
Tony and Kirby also at Devils Canyons.
Kirby and John showing disregard to the Swift Creek overlook railing.
Looking down into Swift Creek.
John and Tony on top of Sky Bridge.
Kirby posing under Sky Bridge.
Moon shiners Arch.
Trail side on the way to Eagles Nest on Douglas Trail. 
Eagles Nest, not for the weak.
View of the north fork of the Red River.
View across the gorge.
View back towards civilization.
Looking down at the tree tops.
This shows the hardest part of getting to Eagles Nest, The climb.
You could just put this on a postcard.
Getting back down is just as hard.
View up to Eagles Nest.
Some of the sights along Douglas Trail.
Did somebody say McDonalds?
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