Camping in the Red River Gorge Geological Area.
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The view out over the valley from our camp site. That might be Castle Arch but i am not positive.
Tree stumps aren't the best photographers.
On the top edge of a sheer rock face near camp. You can see Swift creek slicing through the forest.
Base camp is on the right up in the trees.
Kirby up on Sky Bridge with a "2-1" tribute to Tony.
Don't let this picture fool you it was pouring rain.
John Whistling a tune at Whistling Arch.
Your first view of Natural Bridge from Original Trail.
Topside of the Natural Bridge span.
Kirby squeezing through Fat Mans Misery near Natural Bridge.
John under the Natural Bridge span.
You can see Lookout Point in the distance from Natural Bridge.
Its not easy to drive stakes into solid rock, but you can try.
If you can't tell that is John standing very close to a healthy drop.
Kirby instructing a tree stump on how to take a picture.
Well this is just as stupid as it looks.
Nothing like a bag of Flavorite Marshmallows and a camp fire.
Early morning on sky bridge in the rain.
Is that big foot, nope just Kirby dressed to the nines in his rain gear.
John Under Whistling Arch.
John keeping his distance up on Natural Bridge.
John trying not to get stuck in Fat Mans Misery.
Kirby under Natural Bridge.
The Red River as it flows around Hoe Down Island during a good rain.
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